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Build Your AI Project in minutes, without writing a single line of code

No-code Machine Learning Tool for

Small and Medium Businesses

Zero Coding Required 

Predict Business Outcomes

Share with Others

Build Your AI Project in Hours, not Weeks or Months_edited.jpg

Lets you focus on your problem, not coding

So you had delayed exploring the amazing things Machine Learning can do because they told you need to be a programmer first ?

Absolutely not  anymore! Taking advantage of Machine Learning needs the mind of a problem solver and not a programmer. Just dive in and explore the possibilities ML can do with the no-code ML platform.


How Does It Work

A guided tool that lets you identify the data, compare models, build prediction and share with whoever needs to see your awesome work.

Upload Your Data in a Spreadsheet.png

Upload Your Data in a Spreadsheet

Bring your data in an Excel sheet or Integrate with one of the supported databases

Define Predictive Scenarios.png

Tell Hornbill.AI What You Want to Predict

Identify the fields which impact prediction and the field(s) which you want to forecast

Build the Model & Compare with the Best Algorithms.png

Let Hornbill.AI  Compare with the Best Algorithms and Build the Best Model for You

Build and Test the model and its accuracy based on a number of ML algorithms pre-integrated into the platform.

Choose what works best for your case.

Share Results or Share as API.png

Share Results or Integrate with our API

Once you have your amazing findings, share the results with your team with a link or integrate it with a REST API end point

Built for Problem Solvers

We have tried our best to ensure that your time is well spent on solving your problem and not on figuring out the plumbing and technology of where to start and how to approach



Secure Data Store

Zero Coding Required 

What Our Users Say

“One of the most simplest way to get started with ML that we have come across”

Deena Levies,
Absolute Indtech

“We started with platform for one of our division and now we have 3 teams using it extensively for our analysis and reporting”

Tom Smithenson, Lament Tech

“We love the way helps our team simplify the ML analysis and now we can just focus on analytics and not on software development”

Tilly Green,
James Electric

Get Ready to Impress Your Colleagues With Amazing AI Outcomes

Impress Your Colleagues With Amazing AI Outcomes.png
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