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Why Hornbill.AI in the first place?

While working with small firms in our service-led business, we tried to understand and integrate bespoke AI solutions. In most projects, after the first few calls, the owners were interested in plugging state of the art Machine Learning algorithms into their processes. Buzzwords (AI/ML/Deep Learning and the likes) have helped us more than our sales team would admit.

AI has been around for a long time. So why is it in the news now? Why the hype? What changed?

Like most technologies, AI has been in stealth mode for quite a while. It’s only recently that we have seen widespread use, largely prompted by the rapid development in hardware. Earlier, running a full-scale NLP model on the cloud was unimaginable, even up to 5 years back. We have definitely come a long way since then. The revolution is further fueled by the ever-increasing scientific research around the topic, and a huge amount of funds pumped in by big tech — Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

As in the case with most revolutions, the outcomes are disproportionate. Big tech, by design and position, was the first to adopt. The rest watched in awe. This trickle-down model may work in economics, however, tech is a different game altogether.

Empowering firms with no data teams should be the final frontier, given the market size and the need. The biggest impediment for such a utopian vision is clean data and access to skills. Our experience in the service business has made us understand the true value of information in both, it’s rudimentary and applied form. Data Scientists worth over 150 grand a year spend most of their time trying to fit data into their models. These were the considerations that led us to build Hornbill.AI.

Hornbill.AI provides powerful APIs for business-grade AI/ML that can be used to create a spectrum of models without code and at the most affordable rates: from facial recognition and chatbots to demand forecasting tools. This is extremely important for small scale businesses, who are still growing and diversifying.

We made sure that Hornbill.AI is not intimidating to use, regardless of your professional or academic background. All you have to do is upload your dataset and simply select what you want the system to predict. Hornbill.AI promises to do it all autonomously: from fixing the data, developing industry-standard models, and deploying them to the cloud.

Hornbill.AI reduces human error and allows you to spend more time working on your product rather than wrestling with data. All of this feeds into the larger dream that one day, everyone will have access to AI, allowing them to be more effective, competitive, and, most importantly, a part of the AI revolution.

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